Field Information

Please click on the picture below to go to the County's Field Closure Information Page.  The SPDSA does not post Field information on their site.  You must visit the County of Strathcona page for Field Conditions.  They update the field conditions by 2.30pm Monday through Friday and by 9am on weekends and holidays.

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Lightning and Severe Weather Protocol
The SPDSA follows the guidance of the Canadian Soccer Association with regards to Lightning and Severe Weather Protocol. For full information on what to do in these situations please click here.
Courtesy Around Soccer Fields

The SPDSA is asking the membership and its parents, spectators, fans to follow some of the guidelines below to allow an enjoyable season for all our memberships and spectators.

1. Litter - Please if you bring food or items to the soccer field, please clean up and put the litter in the garbage. SPDSA's renting the fields from the county and we as members need to ensure the fields stay clean and the neighborhoods that they are in stay clean.

2. Smoking - Please do not smoke while watching the soccer game.  If you need to smoke please go to your vehicle or to the parking lot to do this.  Players need clean fresh air to function at their best and should not be subject to second hand smoke while playing.  Also please do not bring chewing tobacco to field as well, players and soccer balls are on the ground and the last thing a player wants is to have this on their legs or on the ball.

3. Nuts/Sun Flower Seeds - Please do not bring these items to the soccer fields.  Some individuals are allergic to nuts and could have a reaction if they come in contact with the shell or nut itself.  Also shells from nuts is considered littering and could cause cuts if fallen or slid on during a game.  Sun flower seed issues are along the same lines as chew tobacco.

If we all follow these simple guidelines the entire membership will have a better playing experience.

Thank you for your cooperation on these issues
Please see the following links for information on Dogs in Parks and Fields as well as information
on the Park Bylaws.
Dog Control Bylaw:
Parks Bylaw:


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