2024 Outdoor Registration

Feb. 01, 2024

Outdoor 2024 season is now open for registration! Click on the age group below for more program information.



U3 Timbits Mixed (2021)

U4 Timbits Mixed (2020)

U5 Timbits Mixed (2019)

U6 Timbits (2018) Boys + Girls

U7 Timbits (2017) Boys + Girls

U8 (2016) Boys + Girls Recreational

U9 (2015) Boys + Girls Recreational

U11 (2013/2014) Boys + Girls Recreational


Grassroots Competitive:

U8 (2016) BoysGirls Competitive

U9 (2015) BoysGirls Competitive

U10 (2014) BoysGirls Competitive

U11 (2013) BoysGirls Competitive


Youth Recreational:

U13 (2011/2012) BoysGirls Recreational

U15 (2009/2010) BoysGirls Recreational

U17 (2007/2008) BoysGirls Recreational

U19 (2005/2006) BoysGirls Recreational


Youth Competitive:

U13 (2011/2012) Boys + Girls Competitive

U15 (2009/2010) Boys + Girls Competitive

U17 (2007/2008) Boys + Girls Competitive

U19 (2005/2006) Boys + Girls Competitive


Adult Recreational

Click 'ONLINE REGISTRATION' at the top of the homepage to begin registering.


Competitive Program: Assessment Period

Based on facility availability and registration numbers, the assessment period will be the following dates. A full schedule will be made available in February.

  • U8 - U11 - March 8 - 17.
  • U13 - U17 - March 18 - March 24.

Assessment details, and procedures are still under review, and will be clarified at a later date.


NEW this season:

Registering for Competitive Program U13-U19

When registering in our Competitive Program (EMSA Leagues), you will need to select the “Competitive” package. The differences between Competitive, Performance, and Performance+ are highlighted in the bullets below.  

  • “Competitive” is our base package in our competitive, EMSA-based programming. Competitive Teams will tend to play in EMSA League Tier 2 and Tier 3. The Competitive Team will have a volunteer head coach. 
  • “Performance” is a secondary package that is applied to Competitive Teams. Performance Teams will tend to play in EMSA League Tier 2 and Tier 1. The Performance Team will have a volunteer head coach but have more tech support in a variety of offerings. 
  • “Performance+” is a secondary package that is applied to Competitive and/or Performance Teams. Performance+ Teams will play in EMSA League Tier 1 or Tier 2. The Performance+ Team will have a paid technical head coach, an additional weekly training session and athletic development sessions. 

How does it work? 

  • When you register, you will register in the “Competitive” program. After assessments and team formation, while working with the recommendations of our Technical Staff, Competitive and Performance Teams may have the option to upgrade to the “Performance” or “Performance+” package for the outdoor season. These upgrade packages may feature increased training sessions throughout the week, added tech staff support, tech led 1 v 1 and/or small sided games sessions and/or Athletic Development sessions. There is an additional fee added to participants of Performance and Performance+ teams once rosters are finalized. 

Why this way? 

  • Not only will this streamline the registration process for members and reduce administrative tasks for our staff, but we believe it is the best way to create an offering that is best suited for all players and families involved. Families will be responsible for logging into their RAMP accounts to pay additional package fees, once determined, and will be advised of the additional package fee via email, if applicable. 


  • We intend to run single age-groups up to U9. U8/U9 will combine to a double year U9 program depending on number of registrations. Rescheduled games might go into July. 
  • As we implement this change, friend requests will be taken into account by pulling the younger request into the older request, if applicable (example: U8 plays up with U9). 
  • For U5-U7 age groups, boys + girls may be mixed depending on number of registrants. The U5-U7 Jamboree will be moved to the end of the season (Tentatively June 24 weekend). 
  • U13+ will play 12 games instead of 16. The program schedule will follow an alternating Week 1: 1 game and 1 training per week, Week 2: 2 games per week model to account for potential reschedules or cancellations due to weather/smoke/heat. Training days are superseded by rescheduled games if needed. 


As you may have seen in our Outline Descriptions for our Competitive Programs, uniforms are not covered in the outdoor fees. Macron, as our uniform partner, will utilize their expertise to lead the process with membership to fulfill all orders and manage accounts efficiently. Phoenix FC will partner to reduce shipping costs, by facilitating larger shipments of grouped orders (individual and team) to our facility and assist in the subsequent distribution and pick up. Members preferring to order individually, and ship directly to their residence will now also have that option. 


Registration for outdoor Academies will run March 18-May 1, 2024. Click here for a full overview of our outdoor Academies!

Register here for Spring Break Camps!

Summer Camp registration will be opening March 5, 2024!


Assessment ONLY option:

For those members who wish to attend assessments only, without first registering in RAMP, please register for assessments at this link:https://forms.gle/GHeyoW9C6b1mqsM77.

If you have registered in RAMP for the outdoor 2024 season, you do not have to register on the Google form for assessments.


Please note: Early bird pricing will not be available to registrations not completed in RAMP during the early-bird window.


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