U11 Boys


U11 Indoor 2022/2023 Tier 4 Program Outline

For players born in 2012 and 2013.

Philosophy: "The Beginning of Us"

This is the "golden age of learning" when children become more community aware, can reflect on their actions and learn from their mistakes. This provides an optimal window for further development of individual skills. Thus, the focus at this stage is to learn by doing, enhance ball mastery and learn the basic techniques and principles of play in a fun and challenging environment.

Competition is a central element in player development; however, a competitive environment should not be solely result-oriented (goals scored). A competitive environment encourages decisions from players and guidance from coaches that focus on performance rather than outcome (i.e.: favour ball skill and inventiveness as the means to find success within the rules and spirit of the game). The result is just one indicator of performance and is not the most important one!


Volunteer coaches are appointed for the season and are supported on a regular basis by the SPDSA Technical Department. Coaches are required to submit a criminal record check (CRC) and complete Respect in Sport (RiS) online training. Additionally, at least one coach must complete the Learn to Train coaching certification and complete the Making Ethical Decisions module. All certification costs are covered or reimbursed by SPDSA. Head coaches will receive a $100 credit toward their player's registration once all administrative tasks are completed and equipment is returned at the end of each season. (Only one head coach per team is eligible for the credit.)

The best qualities of a coach for this stage of player are to:

  • be enthusiastic and encouraging,
  • demonstrate whilst facilitating practice and,
  • stimulate ideas by asking questions.

Officials Cards

All team officials from U11 to U19 are required to have an SPDSA ID card and must present those cards to referees at games. Cards are valid for a maximum of 3 years (correlating with a valid CRC) and are the responsibility of the card holder; a fee may be charged for the replacement of lost cards. Officials without a card will not be allowed on the field or benching area during games.

Players Cards

All Players from U11 to U19 are required to have a digital SPDSA ID card. During registration, a head and shoulders photo upload is required for all players requiring an ID card. Please upload a current photo of the player.

Program Structure

The program is designed for one match day (game) and one practice weekly. Age and stage appropriate session plans will be provided electronically throughout the season to all coaches and will include individual skills drills and small-sided games that encourage decision making from both attacking and defending perspectives. Support from technical coaches is made available upon coach request. Weekly practices are provided based on facility availability.

Game Management

  • No scores or standings are kept. The focus is on fun and player development, not game results.
  • Equal playing time for all players and opportunities to play various positions.
  • Manage the amount of coaching during the game by encouraging creativity and avoiding negative comments. Encourage both teams to play and always use kind, respectful language.
  • Promote soccer that is free flowing, is coach-guided but not coach directed, and encourages all players on the field, regardless of their specified position, to participate in defending and attacking.

Friend Requests

One reciprocal friend request per player may be submitted upon registration. We do our best to accommodate player requests while focusing on balancing teams.

Commitment Level

We hope that players who sign-up will participate in most games and practices throughout the season. Please communicate with team staff regarding absences with as much notice as possible.

The Season

Season length is 15 weeks starting October 14, 2022, ending February 12, 2023. (No sessions on November 11 and 12 and December 23 through January 21.)

Days of Play

Games days are Sundays with Saturday as an alternate if required.

Practices are typically scheduled on Fridays or Saturdays based on facility availability.

Registration and Fees

Early Bird: $385 (by August 31, 2022)

Regular Rate: $410 (by September 15, 2022)

*Late Rate: $435 (after September 15, 2022)

Fees include uniform (jersey, shorts, socks). Players are required to have their own shin pads and indoor shoes.


*Please note that registrations received after September 15 may be waitlisted depending on program availability


Register ONLINE


Click on the following link for more information on the U11 Program Outline. 



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