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U12 Phoenix Boys (Humphrey)


Nominated by: Various parents

This team continues to strive for success. There is no perfection, but there is excellence. The players take what they learn from technical practice and team practice and put this into play. It is a joy to watch this team use these techniques in a game to equal their success. Attendance to practices are complete. Unless injuries prevails, the teams' commitment to be there physically and mentally are astounding. Training with a full roster has lead to their success. The qualities of determination and hard work contribute to winning on the pitch as well as in life. The players on this team treat the coaches with the utmost respect by timeliness upon arrival to practice, listening, hearing what is being said and putting the information to great use. They are humble with their victories. The boys play fair, they play clean and do not stoop to dishonesty upon playing. They play as a team, making sure everyone has fair play and that every player is getting a chance on that ball through the passing techniques and drills accredited to practices. Accepting our new keeper to the team was beyond great. By supporting the keeper with his great plays and even not so great plays, it has given him an opportunity to improve, and that he has. The team has grown to stay positive, even when down in the second half. This has been a change for the Humphrey team and it is great to watch a strong second half, just like the first half. Recently, the team has played STRENUOUS, LONG and "2 sub" shifts with 4 players being injured. They have come out with wins and losses, but the one thing that is noticed at the end of an exhausting game, is the smile on each players face. These boys have stamina! No one can attest to this unless they have been in this position. A mentally strong team, NO DOUBT. I believe every player on the U12 Phoenix Boys Humphrey team displays pride and loyalty to the SPDSA and Phoenix Program. We have awesome coaches and a great Technical Lead, and because of this, our team strives for excellence, wants to do well and wants to be the best of the best. Above all, this team is a true representation of hard work, dedication, commitment and success. Our hearts will always lie with Phoenix. We cannot wait what is in store for us in the future of soccer.

U13 Girls Team 5 (Mills)

Nominated by: Shannon Abercrombie

These girls love soccer! They've named themselves Storm. Over the past two weekends, Storm has participated in two tournaments, taking home silver in Sherwood Park and then a gold in Camrose. The whole team shows up and plays hard for every game: absences are rare. They are fun to watch because not only seeing good results in their games, the girls of Storm have gelled together as a team and are showing concern for their fellow players when needed and encouraging each other and communicating on the field. Seeing young athletes develop their skills and their character is what makes sponsoring SPDSA and having a child participate as a player worthwhile!

U5 Girls Mon/Wed Team 2 (French)

Nominated by: Stephen Rice

The team is a joy to watch. They work hard when playing but have so much fun with their coaches Dave and Chris. Recently they showed up to a game when the weather was poor to find the fields empty except for half of another team. We had 9/12 girls attend and they stayed, practiced, and played with the same enthusiasm as on a good weather day. These girls are 4 and 5 years old but show an enthusiasm for the sport.

U9 Girls Team 10 Blue Devils (Ambury)

Nominated by: Tammy Shoaf

This group of young ladies have worked very hard to learn the skills to play AS a team not just ON a team. They don't miss games OR practices (even the rainy ones). They encourage one another and are quick to cheer each other on rather than try to be the only "STAR" on the team. They also show true sportsmanship by lending a hand to a fallen player, be it their team or an opponent. These girls deserve to be recognised for their passion, spirit and hard work.

U5 Boys Mon/Wed Team 3 (Harding)

Nominated by: Jennifer Sherburne

The boys show up, play hard and are learning to play as a team. They listen to their coach, play well together and are learning about what it means to be a team and what good sportsmanship looks like. These boys have fun and love to play.

U15 Boys Team 4 (Sorenson)

Nominated by: All Parents of the team

This team has improved throughout the season. The boys cheer each other on with positive reinforcement calls like great pass and awesome throw in while playing. The group has bonded and works each player from the strongest to the weakest ensuring the team's wins are experienced by the whole team. Each player brings more motivation to play hard every game. As a team we never have more than one sub and these kids run full out and leave nothing on the field. As parents of this team we are so very proud of each player.

U11 Boys Team 4 (Callbeck)

Nominated by: Mike Callbeck

All of these boys have worked hard throughout the season and have shown the willingness to progress and improve their skills. This has been evident in our effort on the field... we are a completely different team from the first 2 games of the season (for the better). The team also has many young leaders that are always willing to help and guide their teammates.

U11 Girls Team 7 Vipers (Marshall)

Nominated by: Devon Marshall

U11 Girls Sherwood Park Vipers is an amazing group of girls! From our first practice when they all met, it felt like we had been together forever. Their positive attitudes on and off the field make them the best team to coach! Each girl gives it their all on the field and shows great sportsmanship. They communicate together and encourage each other. They truly are each other's #1 fans. The improvement these girls have shown is tremendous. I just love watching them play and am honoured that I get to coach this team.

U11 Girls Team 5 Blue Crushers (O'Grady)

Nominated by: Paige Smith

This team is amazing! The girls have bonder and meshed so well togerther, it is amazing to watch their team work and skills compliment each other. They are such a good team, they all have their own individual stregths which has made them become the strong team they are! They are empathetic to each other, they cheer each other on and they work hard to stay focused each game. They recently won gold in a tournament and really showed their skills off! They have come so far in such a short time they all deserve a pat on the back! Go Blue Crushers!

U13 Girls Team 4 Blizzards (Kowalchuk)

Nominated by: Lori Stefanyschyn

I would love for you to consider my daughters team because they have worked so hard and improved so much from the beginning of the season. We started off with losing every game and confusion among the players to now having a team that supports and communicates with each other and giving it their all at every game. This has moved us up the being tied for 3 place in our division and winning a bronze metal at the Sherwood Park tournament. The team work within this group of girls is inspiring to all of us.

U15 Girls Team 4 (Surgenor)

Nominated by: Jacquie Surgenor

This team really struggled the first few weeks. They lost all their games for the first probably 3 weeks. They still showed up to practice and one night it all came together. They played hard, started passing better and played as a team. They won that game by one goal and were so excited. Since then, they have continued to utilize the skills and strategy that they've been taught and as a result, they are seeing better results and are really playing as a team. They don't win all their games, but when they lose, they are losing by less and their hard work and dedication are showing.

U15 Girls Phoenix (Nicks)

Nominated by: Eileen Purschke

They are an amazing team. All players demonstrate excellent team work with a burst of energy .Play their positions well, good communicators. Everyone strives to do their best at all times. Positive attitudes. All attributed to good coaching. Players always show their respect towards the coach and their opponents.


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