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The following Coaches have been awarded "Coach Of The Week".  Congratulations to all of you.


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Randy Lopatynski
Sherwood Park U19 Trojans


Nominated by: Lorraine Williams

My son has played soccer for nearly 14 years. We have been with many different teams, both indoor and outdoor. This is his first season with this team. Randy has a gift with these boys that is rarely seen. He understands that to get the best out of a player, they have to know that the coach believes in their potential. I have seen the boys respond to Randy's encouragement many times. Rarely does a coach have this level of trust and confidence from ALL the players. Whether the boy is advanced or just playing at this level for the first time, he treats them all the same. It is easy to see how much he loves coaching, loves the game, appreciates the parents, and loves the boys. They ADORE Randy.

Michelle Schmaltz
U7 Boys Tues/Thurs Team 5

Nominated by: Laura Ginter

The 2018 year, is Michelle's first year coaching soccer. She quickly stepped up to the plate when asked and has fully immersed herself in the team. The boys have fun during the practices; they aren't so rigid that they are restricted. Instead, they are engaging and well-balanced. The boys have learned a lot of new skills, and the confidence they have developed in their abilities is heart-warming to see. I have never felt Michelle has shown favouritism or anything like that; each boy is given a fair opportunity to shine. Michelle is kind, upbeat and a great role model for the team. She shows up early to each game and practice, she is prepared, and while she respects the oncoming group, ensures that the boys have every minute available to them and that the parents are heard as well. I would love to see Michelle awarded with Coach of the Week because of her genuine effort and dedication to the U7 Green Zombies.

Randy Mills and Brad DeMott
U13 Girls Storm (Team 5 - Mills)

Nominated by: Nikki Smyth

Randy and Brad are really involved with the team and it shows not only in their coaching skills but their passion for the game. They encourage the girls to play to the best of their abilities, and allow them all to try different positions as well. The girls play well as a team and encourage each other on the field as well. The girls have developed great friendships on and off the field. Our last tournament in Camrose, not only did they keep us well informed but also arranged for the girls/parents to meet up at a park and enjoy some pizza and ice cream. This shows how much they enjoy and care about girls and the team. Team Storm won gold that weekend! Randy and Brad also keep the parents well informed of any games, practices and tournaments that are coming up. As a parent, you appreciate the coaches that encourage your child to play to the best of their abilities, keeps the team engaged and encourages team work. Their passion for soccer is contagious not only to the team but to the parents as well. Great job Randy and Brad!

Lance Dufresne
U17 Girls Team 1 (Poole)

Nominated by: Keely Poole

I feel that Coach Lance should be awarded Coach of the Week because he does not care if our team wins every game, he only cares that we have fun and get better. At practice, we always have fun, and it's more about getting the skills to play soccer and thinking for ourselves then having the set plays. He wants us to figure out what to do in certain situations instead of him telling us what to do. He never yells at us when we mess up and doesn't critic our every mistake. He just lets us play because soccer is supposed to be fun and you are supposed to laugh when you are having fun with your friends. Coach Lances emails are always super funny and when he picks the Man of the Match, it isn't the person who scored the most goals, its the person who played outside the box and did things that they wouldn't normally do. He dedicates so much time to the team as he does not have a child on the team and lives in Edmonton. We would not be having as much fun as we have been having without the time he takes to plan out the practice so that we work on the skills we need to and also just get to have a good time playing soccer.

Susan Hedberg-Salamandick
U5 Girls Mon/Wed Team 4 (Hedberg)

Nominated by: Danielle Till

This has been my daughter's first season playing soccer and she is absolutely loving it. I think that is in large part due to Susan's enthusiasm and wonderful coaching. She gives each player specific and motivating feedback and makes them each feel like a special part of the team. When my daughter scored her first goal, Susan made sure to speak with her after the game and congratulate her. She keeps the girls' attention so well and manages to run organized drills even though the players are young and can lose focus easily. She is genuinely invested in each player's development and you can see that she is excited for them as they learn new skills. We feel very lucky to be on Susan's team this year! She's so deserving of a Coach of the Week recognition!

Natalie Willey
U5 Girls Mond/Wed Team 5 (Willey)

Nominated by: Deanna Craig

Natalie is a single mom who works full time. I am impressed that she has taken time out of her already full schedule to coach this team. It is obvious that Natalie is prepared and has put lots of thought into the practice/warm-up. Natalie is friendly and encouraging; and it is clear the girls enjoy her as a coach. On top of all this Natalie is organized and always on time. I appreciate all the efforts Natalie has made to ensure our team is kept in the know. She goes above and beyond to ensure this by excellent communication via text and e-mail. She even printed off a paper copy of the schedule for all the parents. Natalie works hard to ensure the girls and their parent's have a good soccer experience.

Melissa Lambert
U15 Girls Tier III Phoenix (Nicks)

Nominated by: Lori Pittard

In our regular season game against Xtreme on May 16th our striker and their defender connected and their defender went down hard in front of the net. The reality was that she had broken her femur and needed to be immobilized and kept from going into severe shock. Melissa rushed to her aid and provided essential care to her until the EMS arrived. She kept the player calm and focused. Melissa who is a nurse at the Stollery then went above and beyond by checking on this player the next day and got a card that all team members signed and she delivered that personally.

Evan Cameron
U13 Boys Team 2 (Cameron)

Nominated by: Craig Bailey

My son Parker plays for coach Cameron and has had the most fun playing soccer this year then he has ever had. Coach Cameron is very passionate about his role as a coach, his knowledge of the game is exceptional, his encouragement on the sidelines with his players is contagious and his ability to teach the game is great. He has brought all the kids together as a team and has made it a very fun atmosphere for them all. It is with great pleasure that I nominate Coach Cameron for Coach of the week!

Steve Cicchini
U15 Girls Team 1 (Cicchini)

Nominated by: Jacquie Surgenor

Steve is incredibly knowledgeable about soccer, but he really inspires players both on his team, and on other teams to play hard. We have played against Steve every other year for many years now and have really gotten to know him. We've coached girls that he has coached and they all still love him. He came to watch my daughter and niece play at the Slush Cup in March, and he wasn't even coaching them. In fact, he's never coached my daughter, but they still have a healthy rivalry and will laugh. Last year, when Kayla scored a few goals in one game, we gave her Oreos. The other night, we were playing Steve and he brought a package of Oreos for her if she didn't score. The fact that he remembered that from last year made my daughter laugh. His teams always do well and he teaches them lots of skills, however, they are not overly intense and they're always fun to play against.

Jeff McPhee
U11 Boys Team 2 (McPhee) and U9 Boys Team 3 (McPhee)

Nominated by: Fiona Audy

Jeff is coaching both U11 and U9 teams which makes him a hero in my eyes. He has been flat out busy since the beginning of May with games, practices and the tournament. Over the Classic tournament weekend he coached or attended 16 games and herded two teams of players through their photos! (He also has a child playing at the U13 level). In addition to all of his soccer coaching Jeff is also a Scouting leader and has taken groups of youth out to camp on two weekends since the beginning of May so he has barely had time to breath. Jeff has a great manner with the kids. He is really good at helping them learn skills and encouraging them to strive to do their best. He is able to balance the needs and abilities of the naturally talented soccer players with those of the kids who are new to the game or just not great athletes. What I see when I watch the games and practices is a group of kids who are having fun together and who are working as a team. Whether they win or lose is not as important as learning teamwork and how to support and encourage each other. Jeff is doing a great job of modeling those life skills.

Jon Gall
U7 Boys Mon/Wed Team 4 (Gall)

Nominated by: Melody Lang

His drills teach alot so every practice counts. Very consistent, excellent with communications and makes it very easy as a parent to approach having your child in a committed sport. By the 2nd week seeing what my son was already getting out of this had me feeling it was worth my time and money. With a coach like Jon I would put Gilbert in SPDSA Community soccer again next year.

Les Miskolzie
U9 Boys Team 7 (Miskolzie)

Nominated by: Nicole Brosseau

He is exactly what the boys need. Coaching boys of this age can be at the very least, challenging. He has stepped up. His knowledge and strategy is immense. He has taught the boys so much. He is just the right combination of encouragement and structure. He is firm when he needs to be...which is almost always with 9 y/o boys hahaha. He is dedicated and patient and an all-around excellent coach. In fact i very much hope to have him coach my son again.



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