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The following Coaches have been awarded "Coach Of The Week".  Congratulations to all of you.


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 Indoor 2016 - 2017

Ian Humphrey - U11 Boys Phoenix


Nominated by: Multiple Members
Please explain why you feel this coach should be awarded the Coach of the Week: Ian is dedicated to the team; not just our team but both teams. He is fair, honest, assertive and his heart is for the team. Ian believes in out of soccer events for the team. We have been out for dinner and we are organizing Laser Tag in the next month.His goal is to do one team extra curricular event a month. At the beginning of practice, Ian reads SOCCER 101 to the boys. A mental strategy to get their minds warmed up before the physical warm up. His communication to the manager and the assistant coaches are outstanding and productive. His drive and enthusiasm to attend soccer tournaments in addition to our regular games is proactive. The boys really do respect Ian. They respect his assertiveness, his talks, his teachings and his ability to related to these boys. Most of Ian's days are dedicated to SPDSA and his team. Ian deserves this award HANDS DOWN!


Jason Stubbs - U8 Boys


Nominated by: Jody Lafontaine
Please explain why you feel this coach should be awarded the Coach of the Week: Coach Jason Stubbs has volunteered his time to coach Team 4 when there was no coach available to coach the team. He doesn't even have a child on the team yet he is taking the time to coach the boys.

Kevin Cundliffe - U11 Girls Phoenix

Nominated by: Kari Horiachka
Please explain why you feel this coach should be awarded the Coach of the Week: I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin both as team manager and assistant coach. Over the past few seasons, I have seen firsthand how he goes above and beyond in every aspect of his coaching. Kevin works hard to get the most out of all his players; from the least experienced to the most skilled. Team practices are well planned, organized, challenging and fun. He coaches the girls to not only develop individual soccer and team skills, but also to be good teammates and representatives of the club. Kevin puts his heart and soul into ensuring that the girls have the best experience possible both on and off of the soccer field. Thank you so much for your extreme passion and dedication.

Rob Sorobey - U8 Girls - Team 6

Nominated by: Perry Stuparyk
Please explain why you feel this coach should be awarded the Coach of the Week: I believe Rob Sorobey should receive Coach of the Week because he is so positive and encouraging of the girls on his team. I have never seen my step-daughter so excited for soccer!


Outdoor 2016

U4 - Team 19 - Craig and Ethan Marler
Nominated By: Sunita
Please explain why you feel this Coach should be awarded the Coach of the Week: I would like to nominate Coach Craig and Ethan Marler. They have been a wonderful team for our little kickers group. They promote engagement of both parents and kids, they are always upbeat and strive for positives from all the kids even when the kids aren't super interested. I see how the years of playing soccer have molded Ethan into a great coach and his skill as a player to make it fun for the little ones. Craig is always upbeat and getting the kids involved, being a parent on the sideline as well I feel he sees how parent involvement helps get the shy kids to join in. I feel very lucky that my son got these 2 as coaches as I see how much more excited he is to go to soccer and actually participate.
U10 Girls - Team 4 - Devon Marshall

Nominated By: Becky Galbraith

Please explain why you feel this Coach should be awarded the Coach of the Week: Coach Devon Marshall and assistant coach Mark Eggli have an unbelievable dedication to this team. They come out with organized drills and an enthusiasm than never diminishes. They are so positive and encouraging, especially to our girls who have never played before and have set this tone for each and every game and practice. This positive attitude and approach to soccer has pulled our team together and made them try their hardest every time they go on the field. Our team has such a wide range of skill and experience levels, that getting these girls to be and play as a team couldn't have been easy. Coaches Marshall and Eggli have brought out the maturity in my daughter and taught her not only how to be a better player, but also how to be a leader on and off the field. They have both gone above and beyond--in good weather and bad--and put an amazing effort into my daughter's team. They definitely deserve to be recognized.

U5 Boys - Team 07 - Bill Matthews Nominated By: Daniell Dentinger
Please explain why you feel this Coach should be awarded the Coach of the Week: Coach Bill Matthews of the U5 Silver Surfers has been so amazing! He's so great with the kids but I really can't get over how amazing he's been with our son! Our little Lex doesn't speak a ton of english and he has a lot of anxiety so starting soccer for the first time was really overwhelming for him. From the very first day Coach Bill was so welcome and inclusive! He is so encouraging to all the kids and made Lex feel comfortable with him right away. He makes every kid feel special! Our son is so excited to go play soccer and whenever it seems like it's too much for him Coach Bill takes his hand and plays with him. Because of him our son is learning a love of the game and I couldn't be more grateful!
U12 Boys - Team 06 - Jason Swain

Nominated By: Eric Ritchie
Please explain why you feel this Coach should be awarded the Coach of the Week:
I think my U12 community coach Jason Swain should be the coach of the week because he helped me out during a game last week. I am color blind and our team is a dark green jersey and I have trouble when we play against another dark jersey team because then all the jerseys look the same to me on the field. When I told my coach this he went and bought neon yellow tape and taped a yellow stripe around each player on my teams shin pad and sock so that I could tell who was on my team on the field. Thank you Coach Jason for helping me out and making soccer so much fun!


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