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Phoenix FAQ

SPDSA & Phoenix Assessment FAQ

If you have already had your child attend assessments then you're probably familiar with the process.

But for many families, this is all new to them and they are not quite sure what to do or what to expect.


Here is our SPDSA Phoenix Assessments FAQ

1 - Registrations-Do I have to be registered first?

The short answer is yes; all players must be registered before they can attend the assessments.  Registration is required for insurance for the player and the coach and also provides contact/email information before and after assessments.   Click here to be directed to our ONLINE Registration System. You do have the option to only pay a $20.00 tryout fee.

2 - My child will be attending the entry level Phoenix or has never tried out before - How do I know he/she is ready?         
A good source for you can be his or her last coach. The coach had the luxury of working with the player over the last soccer season and can have some good insight to help you. But also, trust your own instincts. Ask yourself if he/she enjoys the game, practicing, and getting better? Does he/she embrace the idea of commitment to a team which could include 2-3 practices a week along with outside events such as fundraising and tournaments. If the answer is yes, then there is no reason not to give it a go. But remember your child has got to feel that he/she is ready and really wants to do this.

3 - How do I prepare for the assessments?

Treat it like a fun opportunity to get in a few games with kids your age.  In fact there is probably a bunch of kids that will also be attending that you know from playing against or with before. So it will be fun.   Try to arrive about 15-30 minutes before your start time to allow for registration check in and time to get ready.   But most important bring a good positive attitude ready to have fun out there in the assessment games.

4 - Assessment Process-Why are they assessing, Who is assessing, and How are they assessing?
At SPDSA we want to be able to offer to our players the best development opportunity that best fits their present stage of development. In the Phoenix program we have a limited number of teams per age group that play their league games in the two Edmonton club leagues.  By having the players attend assessments we can try to determine which team will be the best and appropriate fit for the player to continue on at their present stage of development.   Remember everyone develops at their own rate and in soccer it's no different.   The way we will assess the players is to have the player compete in controlled games. The players will get a 5-10 minute warm-up on the field, then given the game instructions and then they will play the game with a team of assessors watching the players.  At the conclusion of the game the players will be given a debriefing.   The Assessors can consist of experienced coaches from varied backgrounds.   We have club coaches, Provincial coaches and National coaches.    All overseen by our SPDSA Programs Director and Phoenix Director, following CSA Long-term Player Development.

5 - Why is there an Assessment for the U10 Jr Phoenix program?
The U10 Advance is a development program having the teams play their games. We use the assessments as a vehicle to try and create as (balanced a group of teams as possible.   Hopefully avoiding stacked or overly weak teams, thus keeping the game competitive, challenging and still positive.

6 - After these Assessments how will I know what Phoenix Team my child will be on? 
The players that have been assessed and placed on their appropriate team will be called by their respective coach. Any players who were not selected will be contacted via e-mail and notified when the next assessment will be in their age group.   For any tier 3 players that were not selected they will also be contacted via e-mail and asked if they would be interested in playing community for that given season.

7 - How Long after Assessments before we know what team my child will be on?
In most cases we can get back to all families quite quickly. But in some cases it may take longer.  So expect to be notified the next day or at worst case two days.   But rest assured we are always aiming to communicate with families as quick as possible.   

8 - I think my child is far better than most at their age; can he/she skip their age group and move to an older player's assessment?
All players in SPDSA must attend their proper age assessment first.  In most cases and particular at the younger ages, it is beneficial for players' development to stay at their appropriate age group.   But let us know (Contact our office) about him and we will pass it onto the Assessors and they can give us an informed opinion of the player and the merit of the request.   Also please note - At SPDSA we have a (Trialist Policy which can allow from time to time, the opportunity for certain players to play up at the request of the older team as they may be short players for a game.

9 - After this assessment, is this the last time we have to do this?
Good question.  As we mentioned earlier, players develop at their own rate, and it's very normal for players to go through dips and valleys. Rare is the player who develops consistently day after day, game after game and season after season.  Also the league divisions are separated by age, so yes we have to do player assessments prior to the start of each season.

10 - I am not happy at all with my son/daughter being placed on the Tier (X÷ team. Who can I talk to about this?          
Please see question 8.   All sport assessments are never exact and perfect. At best they offer to the trained eye a snapshot of the where the player's level is at today. Again the assessors we have attending the sessions come with lots of experience at player identification and scouting. In many cases the individual assessors are neutral to the teams and players, so we have to trust the process and the assessor's ability.   And please remind yourself, this assessment is not definitive as players change and we will go through this exercise again in 6 months time.  That being said, at SPDSA feedback is so important to us and we welcome it so  if you still need to talk with someone we ask that you wait until the week of September 23rd to contact the TD as you can appreciate with over 3000 players we have to oversee prior to the start of the season it is a really busy time.

11 -  Can I opt out of assessments?
At SPDSA we try to offer programs for everyone and we have a fantastic community program which requires no assessments. We will assign the coaches, construct the teams, and you're all set to play. The season even runs a bit shorter than the Phoenix program. Please visit www.spdsa.net and click on (Community). 

12 - I'm really happy with how the assessments were handled who can I talk to about this?

Please see question #9.    Again all feedback is so important to us and we welcome it.     If you want to send a positive e-mail please do so by contacting our technical staff.


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