Mens 7v7 Recreational


Men's and Women's 7v7 - Outdoor 2018

For Who?


Interested teams and players who are at least 16 years old, looking for a recreational 7v7 league

Seasonal Plan
  • *9-week season starting April 30 ending June 25
  • 8 games guaranteed
  • Games that need to be rescheduled will be in accordance with the SPDSA rescheduling guidelines.
  • The structure of the league will be determined on April 9th when the number of teams in the league have been confirmed.
  • *Subject to change based on field availability.
Days/Nights of Play
  • Primary: Monday evenings
  • Secondary: Wednesday evenings
  • Blackout Dates: May 21 (Victoria Day Monday)
  • Secondary game days will be used as a rain out date and to off-set blackout dates
 Game Structure
  • Match Play - 7v7 (6v6 with Goalkeepers) with 2x30 minute halves on a U12 sized field
Modified rules
  • The SPDSA will use modified Rules and Regulations for the ladies league. Examples are all free kicks are indirect, no slide tackling, etc.
  • Please read the full Rules and Regulations for full details.
  • Full 7v7 Rules and Regulations
Team registration
  • Team application to be submitted by the main contact / team manager by April 9, 2017
  • Submit the “Adult Team Information Sheet” to Graeme (
  • Teams will be required to have a minimum of 12 players on a team. Teams may register with less than 12 players, however they will have to top off their fees to equal the 12 player minimum.
Player registration - With a team
  • All players will complete an online registration, which will have a field to indicate which team they are registering for
  • Player fee of $110.00 per player for the outdoor season
Player registration - Individuals/Small Groups seeking a team
  • Follow player registration process as above, and you will be able to indicate that you / your group are looking for a team
  • Email Graeme ( to inform the SPDSA that you are seeking a team.
  • Once a team is found, the SPDSA will pass along contact information to the team manager
  • If enough individuals register, the SPDSA may form a team of individuals/small groups of players
  • If a team cannot be found for players, the SPDSA will refund the fees.
Important dates and deadlines
  • April 9 - Final date for a team to submit an application to join the Men's or Women's 7v7 League. The SPDSA requires a minimum of 4 teams, and a minimum of 5 registered players per team. If the SPDSA does not have the minimum of 4 teams, the league will be cancelled, and all registrations will be refunded
  • April 15 - Final date for a team to have a minimum of 12 players registered for the Men's or Women's 7v7 League
  • April 20 - Schedule will be posted online
  • If you have any questions pertaining to the 7v7 Men's and Women's division for the 2017 Outdoor Season, please contact Graeme Dickson ( or call 780-449-1343 ext 1

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