Indoor Coaches

Coaches for the 2017-2018 Indoor Season are listed below

The SPDSA is looking for players at all levels.   Please contact our office for further information
or you can click on the email link beside each age group to contact the coaches directly.
For our coaches profile, please click on the coaches name. 

U9 / U10 Jr Phoenix (2008/2009) 
Junior Phoenix Staff Lead- Felipe Carvalho
U9 Boys X - Jade Eremenko
U9 Boys Y - Scot Wallace
U10 Boys X - Felipe Carvalho
U10 Boys Y - Darragh Errity

U11 / U12 Boys (2006/2007)
Phoenix Staff Lead - Graeme Dickson
U11 Boys X - Jennifer Dellezay / Arif Abdulla
U11 Boys Y - Wilfred Gnan
U12 Boys - Ian Humphrey
U11/U12 Boys EMSA - Barry Achtymichuk

U13 / U14 Boys (2004/2005)
Phoenix Staff Lead - Osmo Bimba
U13 Boys EIYSA - Aaron Cadieux
U14 Boys EIYSA - Osmo Bimba
U13/U14 Boys EMSA -Jose Fernandez

U15 / U16 Boys (2002/2003)
U15 Boys EIYSA - Mike Tennant / Asaph Fernandes
U16 Boys EIYSA - Mark Sandle
U15/U16 Boys EMSA - Peter Brzezicki

U17 / U18 Boys (2000/2001)
U17 Boys EIYSA - Rob McCullough
U18 Boys EMSA - Damian Corbalan

Phoenix Men
Division 3 - Richard Espinoza

U9 / U10 Jr Phoenix (2008/2009) 
Junior Phoenix Staff Lead - Lee Ballam
U9 Girls X - Mike Desautels
U9 Girls Y - Patrick Dunsmore
U10 Girls X - Ted Naylor
U10 Girls Y - Darrell Bradley

U11 / U12 Girls (2006/2007)
Phoenix Staff Lead - Sarah Munoz
U11 Girls X - Lisa Brisbin
U11 Girls Y - Peter So
U11 Girls EMSA T3 - Mike Tennant
U12 Girls X - Darren Poole
U12 Girls Y - Kevin Cundliffe
U12 Girls EMSA T3 - Peter Brzezicki

U13 /U14 Girls (2004/2005)
Phoenix Staff Lead - Eric Munoz / Sarah Munoz
U13 Girls EIYSA - Chris Pearson
U13 Girls EMSA - Les Miskolzie
U14 Girls EIYSA - Sarah Munoz
U14 Girls EMSA - Jeff Ernscliff

U15 / U16 Girls (2002/2003)
U15T1 Girls EIYSA - Tim Willisko / Mellissa Willisko
U16T3 Girls EMSA - Travis Nicks

U17 / U18 Girls (2000/2001)
U17T1 Girls EIYSA - Sean Fleming
U17T2 Girls EIYSA - Dhee Govender
U17T3 Girls EMSA - Bruce MacNeil

Phoenix Ladies
Premier -
Lee Ballam
Mike Spinney

Division 2
Lee Ballam

Division 2
Ken Wilton

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